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The decontamination list is great and has proved very useful in creating a uniformed, practice wide approach to decon. The layout is easy to follow and self – explanatory which is always what we are looking for in the fast-paced environment we work in.
Thank you so much for the trainee pack. Lovely work, so useful. Please let me know if you have any other packs.
I received my happy trainee pack yesterday from @thehappydentalnurse and its so useful! Got some really useful tips and guidance and just a fantastic point of reference too. Cant wait to start using it properly.
I’m certain many practices will find the fact you can edit this checklist very helpful. I like how you are offering to customise it with the practices logo because this will make it look more professional. The cost is less than a box of gloves and practices can use it over and over again and adapt it to suit them it can be hard to come up with a checklist by yourself so I think nurses will find this very useful.
This [pack] is excellent! I wish id had this over the many years that I trained nurses as it can be a mammoth task and quite overwhelming. Its concise, articulate and user friendly.
We had a trainee who started just before we had to close. I've sent her the pack and she is happy to have something to revise and is exited to get back to work and get going. Thank you.
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